Mazda Motor Corporation is a Japanese automotive manufacturer that was founded by Jujiro Matsudain in 1920 in Hiroshima, in western Japan. The company started as a cork plant but later branched out into the production of a full-line of passenger cars, trucks, and buses, rapidly gaining considerable success and receiving recognition at world level. In 1930, the company produced its first vehicle the Mazda-Go, a three-wheeled open vehicle that resembled a motorcycle with a cargo-carrier at the back. Mazda’s popularity started to grow in the 1960s when the company was able to introduce its first real car: the Mazda R360. This was also the very same year in which Mazda has started developing the rotary engines. The 1980s witnessed the rebirth of Mazda and an upswing in sales sparked by successful new products. The 1990 model year saw the launch of a car that proved a huge hit. In the new millennium, Mazda has regained its stride as it has invested in new development. The Hiroshima-based automaker ranks as one of Japan’s leading car manufacturer and is currently focusing its attention on strengthening its branding and vehicle designs to take on the challenges that exist in the global automobile market.